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The football school Junior is pleased to introduce to you its new partner – a legendary company Panini specialized in football stickers offered to collectors.

Both companies agree that children nowadays should have ‘healthy’ alternatives to computer games and social networks. Together we will promote the product that will help a child to improve communication and interaction skills. The aim of the cooperation is to increase the number of children aged 3+ who are keen on sports. And you will be able to see the results on trainings – please consult football school Junior front managers!

For reference:

The Panini S.p.A. Group is the world leader in producing collectable stickers and playing cards. 54 years ago the Panini brothers decided to print football players on the cards and sell them at the newsstands. Now collections of stickers dedicated to local European, Latin American and Russian football championships are published annually. Collections of stickers and cards dedicated to global football events – World Cup and European Football Championship - are designed on a regular basis.