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Advantages of our network!

 JUNIOR chain of  children football schools are one of the largest and most dynamic in the world. Tens of thousands of our students play football in hundreds of cities in 15 countries.  The scale of JUNIOR opens great opportunities for your child. Our teaching methodology is developed by world-class experts. We have accumulated a vast experience of effectively working with children of any age and ability.


 Top-level professionals contributed their know-how and experience to Junior's teaching philosophy: Michael Oenning, PhD in Physical education and sports from University of Münster, holder of UEFA's PRO license, head coach of German national league's Nurnberg and Hamburg teams, Thiago Kapaz, children's coach at the Academy of the Sporting Clube de Portugal for 15 years. Among his students some of the best players of the national teams of Portugal and England - Nani, Cedric Soares, Joao Mario, and Eric Dyer. Oleg Alentiev, children's coach of Arsenal Academy,  London. We are constantly improving our methodology by working with top-level specialists in the fields of children's football, child psychology and sports training.  Our coaches continually improve their teaching skills and undergo professional testing.  JUNIOR cherishes its educational quality and standards!


 JUNIOR continuously trains its coaches.  Junior coaches attend lectures given by authors of sports training methodologies and other world-class specialists. Our professional football experts communicate directly with coaches, provide answers to their questions and give advice on teaching methods.  More than 1,000 coaches work at Junior.  They make a community of young and ambitious sports professionals who exchange experience, ideas and best practices to help your child love and play football.  In the Junior system, every participant is a team player, joint efforts get tasks done, and talented coaches can reach their professional heights.


  Junior's Lesson Constructor is a unique tool on our proprietary training platform. Lesson Constructor is a flexible and multi-faceted application which allows planning and tailoring of the training process both in the short and long terms.  With its help, each child is given only those training exercises that correspond to his age and level of physical readiness, increasing training effectiveness. Its graphic editor makes the lesson construction process easy and effective for the coach.  In addition, coaches can watch videos of quality practice sessions and their training session plans are reviewed by Junior experts who can suggest modifications. Among Junior experts are Michael Oenning, Sergey Gerasimets, Thiago Kapaz, Oleg Alentiev and Eduard Bezuglov.


⚽ We partner with the leading European football clubs. Their experts take part in our webinars, our coaches have direct access to the  academies' teaching methods and we host joint training camps.  We also organize trials for our players, either remotely by video or by arranging a visit to one of our partner clubs. Junior employs the training methodology of Ajax, Valencia and Olympiacos, and the Adidas training program.


Parents have a personal user account on my.fsjunior.com where they can communicate directly with their child's coach.  In the user account a parent can check the training schedule, receive and do homework with the child and pay and renew a membership.  Parents can also see the next training session's lesson plan through Junior's Lesson Constructor.  Junior and parents must have the same vision for the child's future.  Therefore, in his user account, a parent can access educational materials from psychologists, educators and coaches and updates from Junior.  Junior aims for a continuous educational process not only of its players and coaches, but also of parents.  We are convinced that parents and coaches are part of the same team and we encourage parents to rate their child's coach after each training session.


📱 Junior's Mobile application.  Junior has launched its mobile app on Android and iOS. The app gives access to your current membership, local news, your child's schedule and coach information and ratings.  Furthermore, in the app you can set up automatic training session reminders. The app will also have homework and educational materials to keep you in the loop!

Junior has introduced a system for marking attendance with plastic cards with a QR code. This card also gives access to the personal user account in the Junior app.


 Training beyond Junior.  We are convinced that keeping up with football in your child's spare time, in addition to having instruction at Junior, will assure your child's progress and continued interest in football.  A child can and should practice his football at opportune moments at home or on vacation, but only exercises that are age-appropriate and already mastered.  For this purpose, Junior will launch video lessons in early 2018 in which our mascot Max-the-cheetah will practice with your child in a game format.


🥇🥈🥉Junior spans across several countries and hundreds of cities and towns.  We host city, regional, country and international tournaments.  You and your child will have an opportunity to travel, experience the incredible emotions of competition and success, and strive towards athletic progress.

In 2016, we held the 1st tournament among Junior teams, for boys born in 2009.  It was a great success, with 320 teams from 10 regions participating.  In 2017, the tournament welcomed more than 6,000 children born in 2008-2011.  That is almost 700 teams from 12 regions!  The regional play-offs took place in multiple countries, which made the tournament international.  Each year, these numbers grow and our tournament is becoming one of the largest children's football tournaments in the world.


 Government body appreciated the quality and the scale of our tournaments and in 2016 it co-sponsored a series of Junior children's football tournaments in honor of the FIFA Confederations Cup.  The total number of tournament participants exceeded 5,000 children and 10,000 spectators.

We organize domestic and international football camps for our players and their parents, both under the Junior brand and in conjunction with international clubs and Adidas.


 Junior has launched its Sport Tracker system which monitors a child during games and practices and shows his performance: distance covered, average and maximum speed, the force and accuracy of his kicks and passes, and all the technical and tactical moves he made.  Parents will be able to see the objective data of their child's training, organized by time periods, in their personal user account on the Junior's site and in the mobile app. Sport Tracker will also allow coaches to see what effect a particular exercise has on a player's progress, further allowing for tailoring the training to the needs of an individual player.

Prototype Sport Tracker models have been under testing since 2017.  In 2018 we plan for their mass production and introduction into all Junior schools.


Junior is proud of its partners!  Adidas is the largest manufacturer of sports shoes, clothes and equipment and gives our customers discounts, sponsors promotions, and provides prizes at tournaments. Panini is the world leader in sports memorabilia and gives our players its sticker albums for free. Panini also gives presents at Junior tournaments. Liberty Insurance provides sports insurance for Junior players.