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JUNIOR tournament 2018

JUNIOR spans across several countries and hundreds of cities and towns. We host city, regional, country and international tournaments.

In 2016, we held the 1st tournament among Junior teams, for boys born in 2009. It was a great success, with 320 teams from 10 regions participating. In 2017, the tournament welcomed more than 6,000 children born in 2008-2011. That is almost 700 teams from 12 regions! The regional play-offs took place in multiple countries, which made the tournament international.

This year the tournament is holding by JUNIOR for the third time. The tournament consists of several stages. During three months young football players from different parts of Russia and Kazakhstan were participating the regional stage in order to determine the strongest teams.

Final games will be held on the fields of Antalya, Turkey on 5-13 October, and the event will become not just a tournament, but a full-fledged holiday for all participants and their parents. Matches will be held at the Starlight Resort Hotel where many professional teams have their trainings.

Preliminary figures of the final: 500 children of 4 age categories. Matches will be judged by professional referees as well as well-known football players will perform as guests, and professional commentators will be working on teams’ meetings.

Later on in the news we will tell you about the invited guests of the tournament and brief on the interesting details of the event.