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We have been working in Junior for almost a year (senior group). I want to express my deep gratitude to the coaches for their work and patience. Training is interesting and diverse. Children are treated as adults, they become more disciplined. The child goes to training with pleasure, he likes it, and this is important! Our goal is not to raise a football player, the main thing is sports, health and positive emotions. If your children are interested in football, I highly recommend it.


Los Angeles

Junior pleases with the quality of the training and competent staff selection. This is not just playing soccer, it is also a club. The coaches teach the boys to respect each other, to work in a team, and this is very difficult especially for kids. Very good and high-quality activity! The child is looking forward to the next workout. I recommend it!


Los Angeles

My child began his training at the Junior school in October. I’d never thought that 4-year-olds can be so carried away by football! They are sometimes difficult to make them walk in pairs, not to mention do something coordinately. After 3 months, my son is looking forward to the next workout and the coach has become an authority for him. During the workouts in a playful and interesting form they work on quite adult techniques and equipment, not just general physical exercises. There’s a lot of equipment (field markers, cones, some kind of rope ladders, a lot of balls in weight and size). But the most important ingredient is the sense of a team, responsibility that is instilled even in 4-year-olds. At each training session they play real adult football, they even put on special shirts, although they are knee-deep so far ;) Perhaps at the moment this is the best that I could find for a 4-year-old boy in terms of sports in such close proximity to home. I would like to see more schools in my city. Good luck to you!


Los Angeles

I want to express my gratitude and admiration for "Junior" school. I’ve sent my son to a football school, because he likes to kick the ball. Now we have attended 13 classes, which is about 1.5 months. And the things my child has learned during the workout are fantastic! My son was almost three when he came to a trial workout. The child was bewildered and did not always understand what he was supposed to do in that huge hall with an echo and a bunch of other children. Now he is doing his exercises with enthusiasm, shouting along with HIS team: "We’re a team!", plays football and scores goals. And joyfully yells: "Gooooaaaal!!!!!!" Thanks to the training at “Junior” the child has become socially adapted, courageous and a little self-important! 😉 He is now a young football player. Talking about the coaches: I don’t know how serious and complex their interviews and professional training are, but they really are masters of their craft. They are a role model and authority! And that is important. It is also important that the trainers develop the children both psychologically and physically. They monitor the homework progress, give advice on various issues and help overcome fears. They are attentive, kind, and of course, as befits true coaches, strict. Finally, I’d like to say: you know, I also wouldn’t mind playing football, really, like a child, kick the ball, twist feints and score goals. Pity the oldest they accept is only 15, and I’m already a lot more... I’ve heard that in other cities they arrange matches between parents and their children. I would like to practice this in our city, in our branch. Thanks again beloved JUNIOR, we choose you!


Los Angeles

We’ve been playing football in our beloved FS JUNIOR for the second month and like it sooooo much! The coaches are excellent, they find an approach to each group of different ages! They also take adult children! Gifted children have a great future, so there is something to strive for. And if you wish, you can order your child a cool personalized uniform (with the name and a number) 😝! All in all, the sky is the limit!


Los Angeles

We’re attending this school for only a month. My five-year-old son who’s refused to go to any classes and do any sports now counts the days to the next training! An hour flies even for the parents who are just watching. The trainings are arranged very competently in a playful manner. But the children do not just kick the ball around, the trainings are a dynamic way to learn the rules of football. The coaches are very attentive, they watch that every child does one’s exercises. Even after such a short time, I see the results, and most importantly, the CHILDREN like it!


Los Angeles