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We pay high attention to all elements of training process in our Junior chain schools,
for even the smallest details matter when it comes to training young soccer-players.

Your child's coach provides parents with a detailed training curriculum,
containing each lesson's plan and target skills.

The main thing is to spark an interest

The most important task for us is to run regular trainings so that children actually like them and every child is happy afterwards.

For that purpose we use special playing methodology.


Pay ample attention to
every child

Pay ample attention to
every child

Since it is important for us to provide personal approach to every child every coach trains no more than 8 children at once.

A child is therefore closely supervised during each lesson by the coach or assistant coach, which allows a child to learn faster and keeps the team spirit on the playing field.

Children are met at the beginning of each lesson by their coach or school manager. Children should arrive to their lessons on time
to maintain team discipline and spirit! Lessons always start on schedule.

Lessons' duration depends on the age group of the players, in accordance
with JUNIOR's professional experts' recommendations. Every lesson consists
of several parts: warm up, main training, play part, and cool down.

Sufficient water intake is essential for the players' health! Water keeps the players energized and attentive.
At JUNIOR, young players will learn to drink like true athletes- before they perceive thirst,
exactly as recommended by sports physicians. Throughout the lesson, short time-outs
are taken so that the children can drink water.

*According to reccomendations of health experts

Parents questions

Health and safety of your child is our top priority! JUNIOR Soccer Schools professional approach to teaching young children soccer guarantees that your child is in the best hands to learn to play soccer safely!

JUNIOR Soccer School work with child sports professionals and top experts in youth soccer. JUNIOR teaches children soccer by age-appropriate methods. All JUNIOR coaches undergo continuous education by JUNIOR experts in assuring the players' safety.

Every branch has its own training schedule. You can check it in your branch by calling a free number or by submitting an application form on our website. When your child starts attending the trainings, you'll be provided with an access to a personal account, where you could check the schedule anytime.

More than 1,000 coaches work in Junior soccer club chain; all of them complete special training. Check Coaches sections to learn information about coaches in your branch.

A comfortably and appropriately dressed child makes a happy player! We suggest parents choose gym shoes with flat soles, shorts and a light T-shirt made from breathable fabric.

Parents can remain and observe the lesson or leave the child in JUNIOR coaches' professional hands for the duration of the lesson! At the end of the lesson, coaches always take the time to answer the parents' questions, give suggestions to focus on at home, and provide the goal to strive for at the next lesson!

Yes there are! Please see Tournaments for further details. «Tournaments».